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Trust Documentation

Not all real estate trusts are created equal. In our experience, most of the trusts we see are dangerously weak, improperly prepared, and fail to offer offer the level of compliance, enforceability, flexibility and protection you’ll get with Trust Servicing.

Title Holding Trustee

Trust Servicing is a licensed and bonded, 3rd Party, Non-Profit, Professional Trustee exclusively serving the real estate community. Whether you hold one property or one hundred, we can help you protect your portfolio.

The Importance of Trusting the Right Trustee:

“Professional Trustees are bound by certain legal and fiduciary responsibilities to protect the beneficiaries of the trust.”

Nobody Protects and Defends Your Real Estate Like Trust Servicing. Period.

When choosing a Trustee, be aware that a “non-professional” trustee — such as a friend or relative, or any entity that is not operating exclusively as a full-time trustee, or someone with no experience in real estate trusts and is not familiar with the pertinent laws regarding title-holding trusts — can pose definite problems and create unnecessary financial risks for the beneficiaries.

Non-professional trustees are easy targets for unscrupulous attorneys and creditors who want breach the fiduciary responsibility of the trustee and gain access to your personal and private information through means of intimidation, coercion or threat of litigation.  

Also, be aware that the asset-protective elements of a Qualified Title-Holding Trust such as those provided by Trust Servicing, would likely fail a legal challenge if the appointed trustee were to be a “non-corporate” entity acting without proper experience, valid insurance and bonding or approved non-profit status.

Trust Servicing is a 501 (c)(2) non-profit corporation. Our only business is to serve as Title Holding Trustees and give you peace of mind knowing your real estate is protected.

Why We’re Different:

Don’t Be Fooled, Not All Real Estate Trusts (or Trustees) Are Created Equal.

Working With Trust Servicing Can Relieve You of Administrative, Management and Legal Responsibilites:

♦ Trust Servicing documents are professionally prepared, overseen and reviewed by legal counsel prior to client review and acceptance (boiler plate, “good in all states” documentation is unacceptable).

♦ Trust Servicing documentation consists of the Trust Agreement, the transfer document (Deed), a Declaration of Uninsured Deed, special trustee directions and any jurisdiction’s requisite PCOR (“Preliminary Change of Ownership Report”).

♦  All Trust Servicing documentation is regularly researched for continued applicability in each jurisdiction.

♦  Trust Servicing is an experienced, bona fide non-profit 501(c)(2) corporation, acting for the benefits of its contributing members

♦ Trust Servicing is a true unbiased 3rd-party, and does not make disbursement on behalf of title holding trust beneficiaries.

♦ Trust Servicing’s Title-Holding Fee (“trustee fee”) is fully commensurate with industry standards” (i.e., $12.00 per-month, per-property, paid annually in advance).

♦ Trust Servicing is not a (potentially biased) property management company or law firm.

♦ Trust Servicing is a duly bonded, insured and licensed, non-depositary institution Trustee.

Trust Servicing’s Multi-Beneficiary Trusts have endured (and always prevailed in) numerous local, state and federal legal actions since 1985 (i.e., without a loss or concession).

Trust Servicing’s Multi-Beneficiary Trusts have been challenged in hundreds of eviction processes over the years in various jurisdictions and have withstood ALL attempts at circumventing the eviction process with claims of holding equity by errant tenants (i.e., for purpose of trying to force Judicial Foreclosure vs. Eviction in order to steal time and free rent).

3 Simple Styles of Title Holding Trusts

Single Beneficiary: The Owner of Record

An owner (or purchaser) grants (temporary) legal and equitabe title to a qualified third-party trustee for a stipulated term of years for asset-shielding, anonymity and estate planning purposes. As sole beneficiary, all power-of-direction, power-of-sale, right to lease, right to terminate and re-convey, remain with the owner (“Grantor”), while the title (deed) is shielded from public view.

Two Co-Beneficiaries: 1. The Owner 2. The Occupant or Lessee

An owner transfers (“grants”) title to a qualified third-party trustee and becomes the “Non-Resident” Beneficiary of the trust, then assigns a Beneficiary Interest in the Trust to a “Resident Co-Beneficiary” (a party who will live in the property, covering all costs including mortgage-principle and interest, maintenance, property taxes, insurance premiums and any  pertinent HOA dues).

Three (or More) Co-Beneficiaries: 1. The Owner 2. Investor 3. Occupant

An Investor-Co-Beneficiary (an acquiring party) is assigned a majority beneficial interest in the trust, then assigns a Resident Co-Beneficiary a 3rd beneficiary interest in the trust. The property is leased to the Resident Co-Beneficiary via Triple-Net, All-Inclusive Occupancy Agreement, which payment obligations include: mortgage-principle, interest, taxes and insurance; maintenance, repairs and HOA dues, if applicable.

Title Holding Trust’s Long History of Acceptance, Credibility and Effectiveness:

Dating as far back as Ancient Rome, popularized in 15th Century Europe, and in use in the US since 1891 (mostly by the wealthy elite), Title Holding Trusts have been the “secret” method used by Aristocracy, Titans of Industry and Real Estate Moguls to acquire, possess and transfer real estate privately, safely and generally without interference or approval from governmental or financial institutions.

Trust Servicing brings Title Holding Trusts out of the Dark Ages by showing our clients how they can be used for far more than simple anonymity and asset protection.

Our proprietary Multi-Beneficiary Trusts offer real estate owners, sellers, buyers and investors a wide range of benefits ranging from speed-and-ease of transferability, privacy, security, potential tax deferment as well as exchange privileges, just to name a few.


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